You have an idea for a podcast (or many!) but you're not *quite* sure where to begin

You've been holding back launching your podcast because...

  • You're not 'tech savvy': The technology, equipment, & platforms involved in launching a podcast feel scary and overwhelming.

  • Self-doubt is taking over: You're scared you'll launch and no one will listen (cue crickets anxiety!)

  • You don't know where to start: You don't want to waste your time on the trial-and-error of it all (why reinvent the wheel?) and end up wasting your time.

How I grew my audience from 200 to 10k by starting a podcast.

Hi, I'm Meg! I'm the host of The YogaBiz Podcast - a podcast I launched in just 3 days.

As yoga teachers, we often get left behind.

Not many yoga teachers are hosting their own podcasts and leading the wellness industry with innovation.

I'm passionate about changing this narrative in the wellness industry. And I've helped hundreds of yoga teachers create and launch their very own podcasts - inspiring students all over the world!

The Podcast Launch Toolbox is for the creative who...

  • Has an idea for a podcast: You have so much you're passionate about and you're ready to share it with the world.

  • Has the desire to grow a community: You've tried growing your business with social media but you know that podcasting is a powerful, much less noisy way to reach your ideal customer.

  • Work best being walked through a sequential process: You thrive when you're told what steps to take and in what order (with room for creativity and flexibility).

I didn't know what I was missing out on before I started my podcast

For so long, I thought showing up on Instagram and Facebook was enough to build a thriving business. But I was REALLY missing out. I learned fast that...

  • Podcasting is a faster, more efficient way to reach your ideal clients with valuable information (without being at the mercy of an algorithm or platform like Instagram)

  • Podcasting helps professionals builds authority in the industry builds trust more effectively than social media

  • Podcasting is 60% more effective at sales conversions than the most popular social media platforms (yep, you read that right!)

INTRODUCING: A Start-to-Finish Podcast Launch Plan

Enroll today and access everything you need to launch your very own podcast in 10 days or less

Lucky for you, I recorded every step I took to get my podcast streaming on Spotify in just 3 days.

And YOU get an insight peek into every single step I took.

Explore the 3 simple, straightforward modules in this amazing toolbox. Scroll down for the breakdown of the concise, powerful modules you'll be working through.

Module 1: Getting Started

Set yourself up for success with 5 simple, easy-to-follow tutorias

  • Tutorial 1: Choosing a powerful podcast title & creating a captivating cover photo

  • Tutorial 2: Choosing your podcast structure & schedule

  • Tutorial 3: Creating your podcast intro and outro (and important elements of each)

Module 2: Recording & Editing Your Pilot Episode

Get your first episode recorded, edited, & onto popular streaming platforms like Spotify & Apple Podcasts

  • Tutorial 1: Choosing your equipment and downloading audio editing platforms & how to use them

  • Tutorial 2: Recording your first episode & easily editing the audio

  • Tutorial 3: Uploading your episode to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & popular streaming platforms

Module 3: Marketing & Monetizing Your Podcast

Time to reach your dream students & attract clients to your business using your podcast

  • Tutorial 1: Planning your episodes, batching audio, & staying organized

  • Tutorial 2: Utilizing social media & email to grow your podcast subscribers

  • Tutorial 3: Utlizing podcasting to grow your email list & social media accounts

  • Tutorial 4: Captivating titles for new podcast episodes

  • Tutorial 5: Launching your podcast with a BANG!

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