A start-to-finish roadmap for successfully launching your yoga program this New Year.

No more leaving your launch up to chance. Together, we will be planning out each bit of content you'll be putting out to "warm up" your audience to the incredible program you've created.

Sometimes it feels overwhelming to think about taking our students on a journey from "that sounds interesting" to "HECK YES I'M READY TO ENROLL!"

But - what if you had a day-to-day roadmap you could follow for the weeks leading up to "doors open" for your yoga program.

And every day of your launch, you wake up confidently knowing what content you're putting out into the world and you feel confident that it's leading them down the path right to your program.

Let's rock our New Year's launch with a clear content roadmap that...

  • Warms up your audience: Whether it's social media, email, or both - November and December is when we meeting our audience where they are at and helping them feel ready and confident to work with us in 2023.

  • Gives you daily clarity: No more waking up everyday thinking, "but what should I be working on today?" Nope. It's time for a clear plan.

  • Brings in more clients and income: Developing a launch plan is the most full-proof way to bring in income. And (bonus) the New Year is when things start to feel busy and energetic again!

A Simple, Straightforward Bootcamp for Yoga Teachers

Create a step-by-step launch plan to follow in order to have a successful, fun, and seamless launch this new year

  • 4 Live Calls

    Over the course of 2 weeks, Meg will walk you through designing your own, customized launch plan so that you feel clear and confident entering into 2023.

  • Signature Launch Template

    We will be using a simple, easy-to-follow template, designed by Meg, to get clear on all elements of your launch including time frames, milestones, content pillars, and more.

"Meg is a master at making launch plans. I will continue coming back and have her help me map out my launch plans!"

- Christina, past client

Dates & Topics

Here's what you can expect inside Yoga Program Launch Bootcamp

  • Workshop 1: Mapping Out Your Launch for Success | Monday, October 3rd at 10am EST

  • Workshop 2: Launch Phases and Schedule | Friday, October 7th at 10am EST

  • Workshop 3: Content Pillars & Marketing Touchpoints | Monday, October 10th at 10am EST

  • Workshop 4: Executing Your Launch Confidently & Seamlessly | Friday, October 14th at 10am EST

Bootcamp starts in...

  • 00 Days
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  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I can't make the live sessions?

    You have access to all replays but we recommend coming live when you can. If you can't come live, we recommend carving out time to catch the replays and follow along.

  • How do I know this launch roadmap will work?

    You don't! I can't guarantee anything (just like you can't promise to 'fix' your students with yoga). I can only teach you what I know, what's worked for me and my clients, and what marketing experts have taught me.

Don't miss out!

Spend 2 weeks brainstorming amazing content, finalizing your launch schedule, and feeling EXCITED to launch your program!