To my yoga teachers, health coaches, and wellness professionals...

Do you feel like you're ready to build a thriving business but the ONLY options you've been given are to work for someone else? Or maybe you've been taking on 1:1 clients and you're burnt out from trading time for money?

The wellness industry was created to keep professionals teaching $25 yoga classes, selling one-off private sessions (for maybe $80?), and have tons of wellness professionals spinning their wheels.

But - what would happen if we as wellness professionals could create our own signature programs and learn to market and sell it to create thriving businesses?

Talented professionals with amazing gifts have continued to be undervalued, burnt out, and underpaid - forcing us to overwork ourselves and often, feel empty.

"Working with Meg has changed everything for me. I was teaching almost 18 yoga classes / week, completely burnt out. Now I run my own yoga and wellness programs, make money on MY terms, and have never been happier. You WON'T regret this." - Sarah

We've been told that we have to sell our time for money. 

Teach 10 yoga classes / week for $25.
Take on private clients for $80/hour.

I'm passionate about changing this narrative in the wellness industry. And I've helped hundreds of yoga teachers build their own wellness programs that don't trade their time for money.

The Wellness Program Builder is for the professional who...

  • Want to create something for yourself: You want to create a course or program designed specifically around your passions and strengths.

  • Have the desire to scale your income: You've tried things and don't see consistent income and you'd like that to change. You know that a scalable, profitable program is your next step.

  • Work best being walked through a sequential process: You thrive when you're told what steps to take and in what order (with room for creativity and flexibility).

You're ready to take control of your own business.

Start building your wellness program today with a step-by-step program outline, examples, and social media templates.

Build your powerful wellness program from start to finish.

In just 4 weeks - craft, outline, and create your own unique, wellness program to start offering to your students and clients

  • Choose the Perfect Topic

    Get clear on the perfect topic for your program and who would be a good fit. This will be the foundation for outlining and creating your unique program!

  • Outline Your Program

    Using Meg's signature program design template, you'll make a complete outline of your program with every single detail you'll need to launch it.

  • Build Out the Modules

    Sit down and create every single module for the program. Been putting off recording those meditations? Need to sit down to edit all those classes? Here's your chance.

What can I expect from this course?

Step-by-step build out of your powerful wellness program.

  • Get clear on exactly what you want to be offering and who you'd like to work with.

  • Outline your wellness program from start-to-finish to get your students amazing results.

  • Build out each module with resources to support your students.

  • Package up your program into a beautiful, marketable service for your students.

Easy-to-follow templates & outlines

Access our signature templates & outlines to walk you through the process of crafting your wellness program

  • Signature Program Template

    This template will walk you through outlining your unique wellness program. You'll get clear on the topic, structure, price, and more. This template outlines every detail you will need to launch your program.

  • Example Programs

    Do you learn better when you can see examples of other people's programs? In addition to the signature program template, we provide examples of successful programs that our clients have launched in their own communities.

  • Social Media Templates

    Our social media templates are plug-n-play! In just minutes, you'll be ready to post to all your social accounts and start enrolling in your wellness program.

Flow of The Program

This course is for you to work through at your own pace. Each week, you'll be offered a different video and templates to work through to keep you moving forward creating your program.

  • Module 1: Choosing The Perfect Topic

  • Module 2: Outlining Your Program From Start-to-Finish

  • Module 3: Building Out The Modules

  • Module 4: Packaging Up Your Program

Flexible payment plans

Pay in full or make 2 payments over 2 months

You have an idea. Let's make it a reality.

It's time to ~finally~ start building out that program you've been sitting on for...months? Years?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I'm a brand new teacher?

    No problem - I created my first program the month I got certified. It's never too early to create your own services and offers - even as a new business owner.

  • Does my access to this course expire?

    Nope - you have access to The Wellness Program Builder for a lifetime. Bookmark it and use it whenever you need.

  • Are there any live calls?

    No - this is an entirely self-paced course. At the end, you will have the option to add on a personalized launch & content plan, specifically prepared for your program.

Complete start-to-finish course building for $333!

Sign up today to snag your spot in this 4-week intensive.